Monday, September 10, 2018

GNN Funding

Greeting Brothers and sisters. We need $600 in funding within a week so we can renew our monthly and yearly contracts for our network. If you like what we present, please help us get this funding. If you want a media that tells the truth we have to pay for it. The Oligarchys pay for theirs. They own 6 coporations that control all the media in this country. Please help this network get the funding it needs to stay afloat. Thank you for your contribution in advance.

Saturday, June 30, 2018

The Conspiracy Reality (Eps 7) Kill The Clone Before You Take on the Opposition.

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Monday, June 4, 2018

Alex Jones Happens to see Bernie Sanders at Airport and Confronts Him

Info-Wars Founder Alex Jones was on vacation, and happened to see who he called "The King of Communism" Bernie Sanders at  LA International Airport. Alex Jones then confronts Senator Sanders about the rigging of the 2016 election, and his support for the "Beast Master" former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. Senator Sanders immediately became uncomfortable, and fled the scene as a crowd cheered. It shows that the Senator's none address of the stealing of the 2016 Democrat Primary from him was by design.

Earlier this year, WikiLeaks exposed that the Democrat primary was rigged in favor of Hillary Clinton. Leaked DNC emails revealed top DNC officials were supportive of Mrs. Clinton and made sure it was difficult, if not impossible for Senator Bernie Sanders to ever win his party’s nomination.

DNC lawyers have just responded to a class-action lawsuit over their primary being rigged, arguing that maintaining a fair and balanced primary was merely a “political promise.”

The lawyers argued that “Courts have uniformly rejected attempts to litigate on the basis of purported political promises, including ‘statements of principle and intent in the political realm.”

Essentially, the DNC’s promise to remain neutral and fair during the primary is a political promise similar to “policy proposals made in campaign platforms that aren’t fulfilled when in office.”

What’s worse is that the DNC’s lawyers claimed that Bernie Sanders’ supporters were aware that the DNC and chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz were biased against their candidate, an argument that has never been substantiated.

Conveniently, the DNC lawyers are the same ones Hilary used throughout her presidential campaign, so it should come as no surprise that her personal lawyers would be defending the DNC’s favorable treatment of the party’s then-nominee.

Saturday, May 26, 2018

GNN Fundraiser

This is a fund Raiser to raise 1200 in 2 weeks. We are demonetized. I personally can not fund the network anymore. I am behind a month in rent, and have no more funds to pay to keep it running. It costs 1200 monthly to keep this network going. We want to grow and present better content, so we need 500 members of the GNN Nation to contribute $5 a month to help sustain us, and allow us room to grow. We must pay for our media and politicians, if we want the politicians and media who represent our interests. We will be watching the Movie Black Panther during our fund raiser. Please participate, and donate. Listen, Like, Share, Subscribe, View, Follow, and Donate. We need 1200 dollars in 2 weeks or we will not be able to broadcast. I have no more savings. I am a month behind in rent. I have no more money to fund this network. We need your help. We need 1200 in 2 weeks or we are done until I can work some extra hrs to get the funding, but if we don't get this funding in 2 weeks we are done until I can come up with some revenue.